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Effects Schematics

1981 Inventions DRV1981-inventions
Ace Tone FM 1 Fuzz Masterace-tone
Ace Tone FM 2 Fuzz Masterace-tone
Ace Tone FM 3 Fuzz Masterace-tone
ADA Ampulatora-da
ADA Final Phase Reissuea-da
ADA Flangera-da
ADA GCS 2 Guitar Cabinet Sima-da
ADA Harmony Synthesizera-da
Affectronix PinkVerbother
Akai Headrush E1akai
Akai Overdriveakai
Alairex H.A.L.O Overdriveother
Alembic Stratoblasteralembic
Altec 3B Mic and Pre Direct Boxother
Ampeg A3 Overdriveampeg
Ampeg Phazzerampeg
Ampeg Scramblerampeg
Ampeg Sub Blasterampeg
Amplifier Corporation of America Fuzz Kingother
Amptweaker Defizzeratoramptweaker
Amptweaker TightMetal Proamptweaker
AMT Electronics E2 Legendamt-electronics
AMT Electronics K2 Legendamt-electronics
AMT Electronics B1 Legendamt-electronics
AMT Electronics Japanese Wahamt-electronics
AMT Electronics S1 legendamt-electronics
AMT Electronics S2 Legendamt-electronics
AMT Electronics Slap Bassamt-electronics
AMT Electronics SS 11Bamt-electronics
AMT Electronics SS 20amt-electronics
AMT Electronics SS 30amt-electronics
AMT Electronics Tube Cakeamt-electronics
Amtron Guitar fuzz box UK857other
Analog Man King Of Toneother
Analog Man Sunbenderother
Aphex Aural Exciter Bother
Apollo Treble Bass Boosterother
Aria ACH 1 Stereo Chorusaria
Aria ADT 1 Distortionaria
Aria AOD 1 Overdrivearia
Aria AUM 1 Ultra Metalaria
Aria Fuzz Wah Machinearia
Aria RE 90 Super Phaseraria
Aria Super Fuzz Sustaineraria
Aria TD 1 Platinum Drivearia
Arion MDI 1 Bass Distortionarion
Arion MMP 1 Metal Plusarion
Arion SAD 1 Stereo Analog Delayarion
Arion SCH 1 Stereo Chorusarion
Arion SCH Z Stereo Chorusarion
Arion SCO 1 Stereo Compressorarion
Arion SMM 1 Metal Masterarion
Arion SOD 1 Overdrivearion
Arion SPH 1 Stereo Phaserarion
Artec Cool Driveother
Ashdown Bass Hyper Driveashdown
Ashdown Envelope Filterashdown
Astroamp Astrotone Fuzzother
ATD PB 1 Transducer Pre Amp_Boosterother
Austone Vibrostompother
Axtar Octaverother
B&M Fuzz Unitother
Bad Cat BFD Tremolobad-cat
Barber Compact Direct Drivebarber
Barber Direct Drivebarber
Barber Dirty Bombbarber
Barber Edge Hogbarber
Barber Gain Changer SRbarber
Barber Silver LTDbarber
Barber Small Frybarber
Barber Tone Pressbarber
Barber Tone Pumpbarber
Barcus Berry 3000A Buffer Preamp EQother
Barcus Berry Hot Dot Boxother
Bartolini NTMB Bass Preampother
Basic audio Lucky Number Fuzzother
Baumgart The Tubehammerother
BBE 427 Distortionbbe
BBE Acoustimaxbbe
BBE AM64bbe
BBE Ben Wahbbe
BBE Boosta Grandebbe
BBE Crusherbbe
BBE Free Fuzzbbe
BBE Green Screamerbbe
BBE Opto stompbbe
BBE Sonic Maximizerbbe
BBE Windowpanebbe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Artic White Fuzzbearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Baby Blue Overdrivebearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Baby Pink Boostbearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Candy Apple Fuzzbearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Dyna Red Distortionbearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Emerald Green Distortion Machinebearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Honey Bee Overdrivebearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Model Gbearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Model Hbearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Pale Green Compressorbearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Pink Purple Fuzzbearfoot-bjfe
Bearfoot _ BJFE Sea Blue Qbearfoot-bjfe
Behringer ADI21 V Tone Acoustic Driverbehringer
Behringer BCH 100 Bass CHorusbehringer
Behringer BEQ 700 Bass Graphic Equalizerbehringer
Behringer BO 100 Blues Overdrivebehringer
Behringer BOD 100 Bass Overdrivebehringer
Behringer DC 9 Dynamic Compressorbehringer
Behringer DD 600 Digital Delaybehringer
Behringer DR 100 Digital Reverbbehringer
Behringer DR 600 Digital Reverbbehringer
Behringer GDI21 Guitar Amp Modelerbehringer
Behringer HB 01 Hell Babebehringer
Behringer NR 100 Noise Reducerbehringer
Behringer PB 100 Preamp Booster Schematicbehringer
Behringer PH 9 Phaserbehringer
Behringer UC 100 Ultra Chorusbehringer
Behringer UD 100 Ultra Distortionbehringer
Behringer UF 100 Ultra Flangerbehringer
Behringer Ultra G GI100 Cabinet Simulatorbehringer
Behringer UM 100 Ultra Metalbehringer
Behringer UM 300 Ultra Metalbehringer
Behringer UO 100 Ultra Octavebehringer
Behringer UV 300 Ultra Vibratobehringer
Behringer VAmp 2 Digital MultiEffect Processorbehringer
Bell Automatic Double Trackerother
Benson Germanium Fuzzbenson
Benson Preampbenson
Bespeco Cruncherother
Bespeco Weeperother
Big Jam SE 1 Phaserbig-jam
Big Jam SE 11 Jazz Flangerbig-jam
Big Jam SE 12 Chorusbig-jam
Big Jam SE 13 Space Drivebig-jam
Big Jam SE 2 Spit Wahbig-jam
Big Jam SE 3 Compressorbig-jam
Big Jam SE 4 Octave Boxbig-jam
Big Jam SE 5 Flangerbig-jam
Big Jam SE 6 Six Band Graphic EQbig-jam
Big Jam SE 7 Delay Machinebig-jam
Big Jam SE 8 Distortionbig-jam
Big Jam SE 9 Biphase 9big-jam
Bigfoot Magnavibeother
Binson Echorecbinson
Binson Echorec 2binson
Bixonic Expandorabixonic
Bixonic Expandora 2bixonic
Biyang BL 8 Tonefancier Bluebiyang
Biyang OD 8 X drivebiyang
Black Arts Toneworks Black Forestblack-arts-toneworks
Black Arts Toneworks Black Sheepblack-arts-toneworks
Black Arts Toneworks Boneshakerblack-arts-toneworks
Black Arts Toneworks LSTRblack-arts-toneworks
Black Arts Toneworks Pharao Fuzzblack-arts-toneworks
Black Arts Toneworks Quantum Mysticblack-arts-toneworks
Black Arts Toneworks Revelationblack-arts-toneworks
BlackBox Bufferother
Blackout Effectors Fix’d Fuzzblackout-effectors
Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdriveblackout-effectors
Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzzblackout-effectors
Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaserblackout-effectors
Blackstone Mosfet Overdriveblackstone
Blues Pearl Blue Ballsblues-pearl
Boehm Trickverzerrerother
Bogner La Grangebogner
Bogner Shivabogner
Bogner The Fishbogner
Boot Leg Effectors Jawbreakerboot-leg-effectors
Boot Leg Effectors Jazz Fuzzboot-leg-effectors
Boot Leg Effectors Rock and Roll Partyboot-leg-effectors
Boss AB 2 Two Way Selectorboss
Boss AC 2 Acoustic Simulatorboss
Boss AC 3 Acoustic Simulatorboss
Boss AD 5 Acoustic Instrument Processorboss
Boss AW 2 Auto Wahboss
Boss BD 2 Blues Driverboss
Boss BE 5 Guitar Multiple Effectboss
Boss BE 5B Bass Multiple Effectboss
Boss BF 1 Flangerboss
Boss BF 2 Flangerboss
Boss BF 3 Flangerboss
Boss CE 1 Chorus Ensembleboss
Boss CE 2 Chorusboss
Boss CE 2b Bass Chorusboss
Boss CE 3 Chorusboss
Boss CE 300 Super Chorusboss
Boss CE 5 Chorus Ensembleboss
Boss CEB 3 Bass Chorusboss
Boss CH 1 Super Chorusboss
Boss CS 1 Compression Sustainerboss
Boss CS 2 Compression sustainerboss
Boss CS 3 Compression Sustainerboss
Boss DB 11 Music Conductorboss
Boss DB 5 Driver Distortion Graphic Equalizerboss
Boss DC 2 Dimension chorusboss
Boss DD 2 Digital Delayboss
Boss DD 20 Digital Delayboss
Boss DD 3 Digital Delayboss
Boss DD 5 Digital Delayboss
Boss DD 7 Digital Delayboss
Boss DE 200 Digital Delayboss
Boss DF 2 Distortion feedbackerboss
Boss DI 1 Direct Boxboss
Boss DM 1 Delay Machineboss
Boss DM 2 Analog delayboss
Boss DM 3 Analog delayboss
Boss DR 110 Doctor Rhythmboss
Boss DS 1 Distortionboss
Boss DS 2 Turbo Distortionboss
Boss DSD 2_3 Digital Sampler Delayboss
Boss EH 2 Enhancerboss
Boss EH 50 Stereo Enhancerboss
Boss EV 5_FV 60 Expression Pedalboss
Boss FA 1 Fet Ampboss
Boss FT 2 Dynamic Filterboss
Boss FV 50L Volume Pedalboss
Boss FW 3 Wahboss
Boss FZ 2 HyperFuzzboss
Boss FZ 3 Fuzzboss
Boss GE 10 Graphic Equalizerboss
Boss GE 7 7B Equalizerboss
Boss GE 7 Equalizerboss
Boss GL 100 Guitar Driverboss
Boss GP 20 Guitar Amp Processorboss
Boss GT 10 Guitar Effect Processorboss
Boss GT 3 Guitar Effect Processorboss
Boss GT 5 Guitar Effect Processorboss
Boss GT 6 Guitar Effect Processorboss
Boss GT 8 Guitar Effect Processorboss
Boss GX 700 Guitar Effect Processorboss
Boss HC 2 Hand Clapperboss
Boss HF 2 Hi Band Flangerboss
Boss HM 2 Heavy metalboss
Boss HM 3 Hypermetalboss
Boss LM 2 Limiterboss
Boss LMB 3 Bass Limiterboss
Boss MD 2 Mega Distortionboss
Boss ME 10 Guitar Multiple Effectsboss
Boss ME 30 Guitar Multiple Effectsboss
Boss ME 5 Guitar Multiple Effectsboss
Boss ME 50 Guitar Multiple Effectsboss
Boss ME 6 Guitar Multiple Effectsboss
Boss ME 8 Guitar Multiple Effectsboss
Boss ME X Expandable Multiple Effectsboss
Boss ME33 Guitar Multiple Effectsboss
Boss MT 2 Metal zoneboss
Boss MZ 2 Digital Metalizerboss
Boss NS 1 Noise gateboss
Boss NS 2 Noise Supressorboss
Boss OC 2 Octaveboss
Boss OC 3 Super Octaveboss
Boss OD 1 Overdriveboss
Boss OD 2 Turbo Overdriveboss
Boss OD 20 Overdrive Distortionboss
Boss OD 3 Overdriveboss
Boss ODB 3 Bass Overdriveboss
Boss OS 2 Overdrive distortionboss
Boss PD 1 Distortion Rockerboss
Boss PH 1r Phaserboss
Boss PH 2 Super Phaserboss
Boss PH 3 Phase Shifterboss
Boss PQ 4 Parametric Equalizerboss
Boss PS 2 Digital Pitch Shifter Delayboss
Boss PS 3 Digital Pitch Shifter Delayboss
Boss PSM 5 Power Supply & Master Switchboss
Boss PW 10 Wah Pedalboss
Boss PW 2 Power Driveboss
Boss RBF 10 Flangerboss
Boss RC 20 Phrase Recorderboss
Boss RC 20XL Phrase Recorderboss
Boss RCE 10 Digital Chorus Ensembleboss
Boss RCL 10 Compressor Limiterboss
Boss RDD 10_RDD 20 Digital Delayboss
Boss RGE 10 Graphic Equalizerboss
Boss ROD 10 Overdrive Distortionboss
Boss RSD 10 Digital Sampler Delayboss
Boss RT 20 Rotary Ensembleboss
Boss RV 1000 Digital Reverbboss
Boss RV 2 Digital Reverbboss
Boss RV 3 Delay Reverbboss
Boss RV 5 Digital Reverbboss
Boss RX 100 Reverb Boxboss
Boss SD 1 Super Overdriveboss
Boss SD 2 Dual OverDriveboss
Boss SE 50 Stereo Effects Processorboss
Boss SE 70 Super Effects Processorboss
Boss SG 1 Slow Gearboss
Boss SP 1 Spectrumboss
Boss SX 700 Studio Effect Processorboss
Boss SYB 3 Bass Synthesizerboss
Boss SYB 5 Bass Synthesizerboss
Boss TM 3 Line Driverboss
Boss TR 2 Tremoloboss
Boss TU 2 Chromatic Tunerboss
Boss TW 1 Touch wahboss
Boss VB 2 Vibratoboss
Boss XT 2 Xtortionboss
Brunetti Mercuryother
Brunetti Taxi Driverother
BSS AR116 DIother
Budda Chakra Compressorbudda
Budda Om overdrivebudda
Budda Phatbassbudda
Burns Buzzaroundburns
CAE CB 2 Sound Preamp Bufferother
Caline CP 11 Puffer Fuzzcaline
Caline CP 14 English Mancaline
Caline CP 16 Mark 4caline
Caline CP 22 Purple Smokecaline
Caline CP 25 HighwayMancaline
Caline CP 29 White Heatcaline
Caline CP 46 Fuzzy Bearcaline
Caline CP 502 Mellow Drivecaline
Caline CP 503 Queen Bee Overdrivecaline
Caline CP 511 Enchanted Tonecaline
Carl Martin AC Tonecarl-martin
Carl Martin Contour & Boostcarl-martin
Carl Martin Crush Zonecarl-martin
Carl Martin DC Drivecarl-martin
Carl Martin Delaylacarl-martin
Carl Martin Heavy Drivecarl-martin
Carl Martin Hot Drive n Boostcarl-martin
Carl Martin Panamacarl-martin
Carl Martin Plexitonecarl-martin
Carl Martin Quattrocarl-martin
Carl Martin Rock Drivecarl-martin
Carl Martin The Fuzzcarl-martin
Carlin Compressorother
Carlsbro Echocarlsbro
Carlsbro Flangercarlsbro
Carlsbro Fuzz Tonecarlsbro
Carlsbro Phase 2carlsbro
Carlsbro Suzzcarlsbro
Carlsbro Wah Fuzzcarlsbro
Castledine Electronics The Wizardother
Catalinbread CB30catalinbread
Catalinbread Dirty Little Secretcatalinbread
Catalinbread Formula No. 5catalinbread
Catalinbread Formula No. 55catalinbread
Catalinbread Galileocatalinbread
Catalinbread Heliotropecatalinbread
Catalinbread Hyperpakcatalinbread
Catalinbread Karma Suturecatalinbread
Catalinbread Katzenkonigcatalinbread
Catalinbread Manx Loaghtancatalinbread
Catalinbread Merkin Fuzzcatalinbread
Catalinbread Montavillian Echocatalinbread
Catalinbread Naga Vipercatalinbread
Catalinbread Pareidolia Harmonic Mesmerizercatalinbread
Catalinbread RAH WIIOcatalinbread
Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabracatalinbread
Catalinbread Sagrado Poblano Picosocatalinbread
Catalinbread SFTcatalinbread
Catalinbread SFT IIcatalinbread
Catalinbread Super Charged Overdrivecatalinbread
Catalinbread V8 Fuzz Tone Enginecatalinbread
Catalinbread VariOboosTcatalinbread
Catalinbread WIIOcatalinbread
CCDB Distorcedor R VIIIother
Chandler Stereo Digital Delaychandler
Chandler Tube Driver Pedalchandler
Chandler Tube Driver Rackchandler
Chord CM 50 Compressorother
Colorsound Bass Fuzzcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Chuck A Wahcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Dipthonizercolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Fuzz Wahcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Jumbo Tone bendercolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Octividercolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound One Knob Fuzzcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Overdrivercolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Phazexcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Power Boostcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Supasustaincolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Tone bender 3 Knobcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Tremolocolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Vocalizercolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Wahcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Wah Fuzz Swellcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Wah Swellcolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound Wah_Inductorlesscolorsound-sola-sound
Colorsound_Sola Sound Tone Bender MK1 to MK3colorsound-sola-sound
Conrad Buzz Box and Volume Expanderother
CopilotFX The Antdroidother
Cornish CC 1 Cornish Crunchcornish
Cornish G 2 Distortioncornish
Cornish LD 1 Buffercornish
Cornish NG 2 Fuzzcornish
Cornish OC 1 Optical Compressorcornish
Cornish SS 2 Soft Sustaincornish
Cornish SS 3 Soft Sustaincornish
Cornish TB 83 Treble Boostercornish
Coron Distortion 10coron
Coron Distortion 15coron
Coron Distortion IIIcoron
Coron Jet Flangercoron
Coron Over Drivecoron
Coron Phase 55coron
Coron Spectrumcoron
Craig Anderton Tube Sound Fuzzother
Craig Anderton Flangerother
Craig Anderton Frequency Boosterother
Craig Anderton Octave Doubling Fuzzother
Craig Anderton Tremoloother
Crazy Tubes Ziggy Overdriveother
Creepy Fingers Doomidriveother
Creepy Fingers Fuzzbudother
Crowther Hotcake v1crowther
Crowther Hotcake v2crowther
Crowther Prunes And Custardcrowther
Cuvave Fuzzother
Cyclone Chorus CH 70other
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Facedallas-arbiter-cbs
Dallas Arbiter Trem Facedallas-arbiter-cbs
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Kingdallas-arbiter-cbs
Dallas Arbiter Rangemasterdallas-arbiter-cbs
Dallas Arbiter Treble Bass Facedallas-arbiter-cbs
Dallas Arbiter Wah Facedallas-arbiter-cbs
DAM Aviv Signature Fuzzdam
DAM Buzzotromdam
DAM Flesh Headdam
DAM Fuzzrongdam
DAM Germanium Preamplifierdam
DAM Gravity Isolatordam
DAM Grease Boxdam
DAM J type Fuzzdam
Dan Armstrong Blue Clipperdan-armstrong
Dan Armstrong Green Ringerdan-armstrong
Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezerdan-armstrong
Dan Armstrong Purple Peakerdan-armstrong
Dan Armstrong Red Rangerdan-armstrong
Danelectro 3699 fuzzdanelectro
Danelectro CD 1 Cool Cat Distortiondanelectro
Danelectro CF 1 Cool Cat Fuzzdanelectro
Danelectro CO 1 Cool Cat Drivedanelectro
Danelectro Daddy Odanelectro
Danelectro Dan Echodanelectro
Danelectro DJ 1 Pastrami Overdrivedanelectro
Danelectro DJ 10 Grilled Cheesedanelectro
Danelectro DJ 13 FrenchToastdanelectro
Danelectro DJ 15 Chicken salad Vibratodanelectro
Danelectro DJ 17 PB & Delaydanelectro
Danelectro DJ 20 Rocky Road Spinning Speakerdanelectro
Danelectro DJ 4 Corned Beefdanelectro
Danelectro DJ 5 Tuna Melt Tremolodanelectro
Danelectro DJ 6 Pepperoni Phaserdanelectro
Danelectro DJ 9 Surf & Turfdanelectro
Danelectro Fab Overdrivedanelectro
Danelectro FabMetaldanelectro
Danelectro Fabtonedanelectro
Danelectro Reverb_box_9100danelectro
Danelectro Spring Kingdanelectro
Daphon E10AD Delayother
Daphon Wahother
Darkglass B7Kdarkglass
Darkglass Duality Fuzzdarkglass
Darkglass Microtubes B3kdarkglass
Darkglass Microtubes Vintagedarkglass
Darkglass Tone Capsuledarkglass
Daryl Groetsch Astroid Fireother
Davoli Tredixdavoli-krundaal
Davoli Tredixdavoli-krundaal
Dean Markley Overlordother
DeArmond 1700 Square Wavedearmond
Dearmond 1900 Phaserdearmond
DeArmond 1930 Twister Phase Shifterdearmond
DeArmond 610 Volume & Tonedearmond
Death By Audio Flaming Lips Space Ringdeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Absolute Destructiondeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Apocalypsedeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Assault System Dual Fuzzdeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Echo Dream 2death-by-audio
Death By Audio Evil Filterdeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Fuzz Wardeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Harmonic Transformerdeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Interstellar Overdrivedeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Kill Kill Filterdeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Octave Clangdeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Optical Compressordeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Reverberation Machinedeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Robotdeath-by-audio
Death By Audio SoundSawdeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Soundwave Breakdowndeath-by-audio
Death By Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gundeath-by-audio
Deep Trip BOGother
Demedash T120 Video Tape Echoother
Demeter Comp 1 Compulatordemeter
Demeter FUZ 1 Fuzzulatordemeter
Demeter MB 2B Fat Control Mid Boostdemeter
Demeter TRM 1 Tremulatordemeter
Devi Ever Aenimadevi-ever
Devi Ever Electric Browndevi-ever
Devi Ever Improbability Drivedevi-ever
Devi Ever Karaoke Partydevi-ever
Devi Ever Krackle Disasterdevi-ever
Devi Ever Legend of Fuzzdevi-ever
Devi Ever Rubydevi-ever
Devi Ever Soda Meiser_Vintage Fuzz Masterdevi-ever
Devi Ever Truly Disasterdevi-ever
Diamond Compressorother
Diaz Texas Rangercesar-diaz
Diaz Texas Square Facecesar-diaz
Diaz Tremodillocesar-diaz
Diezel VH4 Pedalother
Digitech Bad Monkeydigitech
Digitech Digiverbdigitech
Digitech DSP 128 Plus Digital Multiple Effectdigitech
Digitech GNX 2 Guitar Processordigitech
Digitech GSP 2101 Multi Effects Processordigitech
Digitech GSP 2112 Studio Guitar Systemdigitech
Digitech GSP 5 Guitar Signal Processordigitech
Digitech PDS 1002 Delaydigitech
Digitech PDS 1550 Programmable Distortiondigitech
Digitech PDS 20 20 Chorus Flanger Delaydigitech
Digitech PDS 2000 Digital Delaydigitech
Digitech RP 1 Digital Guitar Processordigitech
Digitech RP 10 Signal Processordigitech
Digitech RP 100 Modeling Guitar Processordigitech
Digitech RP 50 Modeling Guitar Processordigitech
Digitech Screamin’ Blues OverdriveDistortiondigitech
Digitech TEC 4X Multi Effect Processordigitech
Digitech Valve FX Guitar PreAmpSignal Processordigitech
Digitech Whammy 4digitech
Digitech XP 100 Whammy Wahdigitech
Dinosaural OTC201 OptiCompressorother
Divided by 13 Joyride Overdriveother
DMB Stellar Driveother
DOD 201 Phasordod
DOD 210 Jfet Preampdod
DOD 250 Overdrive Preampdod
DOD 280a Compressordod
DOD 440 Envelope Filterdod
DOD 460 Min Chorusdod
DOD 525 Compressor limiterdod
DOD 545 Wah Filterdod
DOD 555 Distortiondod
DOD 565 Stereo Chorusdod
DOD 575 Flangerdod
DOD 585 Analog Delaydod
DOD 595 Phasordod
DOD 670 Flangerdod
DOD 680 Analog Delaydod
DOD 690 Chorusdod
DOD 825 Compressordod
DOD 908 Digital Delaydod
DOD 9081 Phasedod
DOD 9089 Echo Flangedod
DOD Carcosa Fuzzdod
DOD FX10 Bifet Preampdod
DOD FX100 Integrated Tube Overdrivedod
DOD FX102 Mystic Blues Overdrivedod
DOD FX13 Gonculatordod
DOD FX15 Swell Pedaldod
DOD FX17 Volume Wahdod
DOD FX20c Stereo Phaserdod
DOD FX22 Vibro Thangdod
DOD FX25b Envelope Filterdod
DOD FX30 Noise Gatedod
DOD FX32 Meat Boxdod
DOD FX33 Buzz Boxdod
DOD FX35 Octoplusdod
DOD FX40b Equalizerdod
DOD FX45 Stereo Reverbdod
DOD FX50 Overdrive Preampdod
DOD FX50B Overdrive Plusdod
DOD FX51 Juice Boxdod
DOD FX52 Classic Fuzzdod
DOD FX53 Classic Tubedod
DOD FX54 Attackerdod
DOD FX55b Supra Distortiondod
DOD FX56 American Metaldod
DOD FX57 Hardrock Distortiondod
DOD FX58 Metal Maniacdod
DOD FX59 Thrashmaster Distortiondod
DOD FX60 Stereo Chorusdod
DOD FX64 Icebox Stereo Chorusdod
DOD FX65 Stereo Chorusdod
DOD FX66 Flashback Fuzzdod
DOD FX67 Stereo Turbo Chorusdod
DOD FX68 Death Metal Distortiondod
DOD FX69b Grunge Distortiondod
DOD FX70c Corrosion Distortiondod
DOD FX75 Stereo Flangerdod
DOD FX75b Stereo Flangerdod
DOD FX76 Punkifier Distortiondod
DOD FX84 Milk Box Compressordod
DOD FX85 Harmonic Enhancerdod
DOD FX86 Deathmetal Distortiondod
DOD FX90 Delaydod
DOD FX91 Bass OverDrivedod
DOD FX92 Bass Grungedod
DOD FX96 Echo FX Analog Delaydod
DOD TR 3m Multi Effectdod
DOD YJM 308 Yngwie malmsteen Signaturedod
Dr J D55 Aerolite Compressorother
Dunlop 535Q Cry Babydunlop
Dunlop EJF 1 Eric Johson Fuzz Facedunlop
Dunlop GCB 100 Bass Cry Babydunlop
Dunlop GCB 95 Crybabydunlop
Dunlop GCB 95O Cry Baby Octave wahdunlop
Dunlop JBF 3 Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Facedunlop
Dunlop JD 4s Rotovibedunlop
Dunlop JDF 2 Fuzz Facedunlop
Dunlop JH 1 Cry Babydunlop
Dunlop JH 2 Fuzz Facedunlop
Dunlop JH F1 Jimi Hendrix FFdunlop
Dunlop JH OC1 Octaviodunlop
Dunlop JHF 3 Band Of Gypsies Fuzzdunlop
Dunlop QZ 1 Q Zone Cry Babydunlop
Dunlop Rockman Acedunlop
Dunlop UV 1 Uni vibedunlop
Dunlop ZW 45 Wylde Wahdunlop
Dunwich Wizard Fuzzother
Durham SexDriveother
DVZ Suppa Tone Manglerother
Dwarfcraft Great Destroyerother
Dwarfcraft Shivaother
Dynacord Echocordother
Dynacord Echokingother
Dynacord Federhallother
EA Tremoloother
Earth Sound Research Graphic Fuzzother
EBS MultiCompebs
EBS Multidriveebs
EBS OctaBassebs
EBS Stanley Wahebs
EBS ValveDriveebs
EBS Wah Oneebs
EHX 16 Second Digital Delayelectro-harmonix
EHX Attack Decayelectro-harmonix
EHX Attack Equalizer factory EH 3004electro-harmonix
EHX Axixelectro-harmonix
EHX Bad Stone Factory2electro-harmonix
EHX Bad Stone FactoryWithcorrectionselectro-harmonix
EHX Bass Ballselectro-harmonix
EHX Bass Big Muffelectro-harmonix
EHX Bass Bloggerelectro-harmonix
EHX Bass Micro Synthelectro-harmonix
EHX Big Muff Factoryelectro-harmonix
EHX Big Muff OPAMPelectro-harmonix
EHX Big muff Pi Tone Wickerelectro-harmonix
EHX Black Fingerelectro-harmonix
EHX Clockworkselectro-harmonix
EHX Clone Theory SAD1024Aelectro-harmonix
EHX Crying Pedalelectro-harmonix
EHX Deluxe Big Muffelectro-harmonix
EHX Deluxe Elec Mistress FactorySetup2electro-harmonix
EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress EH 5150electro-harmonix
EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress FactorySetup1electro-harmonix
EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress FactorySetup3electro-harmonix
EHX Deluxe MemoryMan Factoryelectro-harmonix
EHX Deluxe Octave Multiplexerelectro-harmonix
EHX Deluxe Octave Multiplexer Factoryelectro-harmonix
EHX Doctor Qelectro-harmonix
EHX Double Muffelectro-harmonix
EHX Echoflanger FactoryPG1electro-harmonix
EHX Echoflanger FactoryPG2electro-harmonix
EHX Electric Mistress 18v Factory EH 5100electro-harmonix
EHX English Muffin, electro-harmonix engl
EHX Frequency analyzer Factoryelectro-harmonix
EHX Full Double Tracking Effectelectro-harmonix
EHX Fuzz Wahelectro-harmonix
EHX Germanium 4 Big Muffelectro-harmonix
EHX Germanium ODelectro-harmonix
EHX Gloveelectro-harmonix
EHX Graphic Equalizerelectro-harmonix
EHX Graphic Fuzzelectro-harmonix
EHX Guitar Synth Factorymaybeelectro-harmonix
EHX Hog’s Footelectro-harmonix
EHX Holy Grail EC 0060electro-harmonix
EHX Holy Stainelectro-harmonix
EHX Hot Tubeselectro-harmonix
EHX Hot Tubes Nanoelectro-harmonix
EHX Little Big Muffelectro-harmonix
EHX Low Frequency Compressorelectro-harmonix
EHX LPB 1electro-harmonix
EHX LPB 2electro-harmonix
EHX Memomy Man Solid State Echo Choruselectro-harmonix
EHX Metal Muffelectro-harmonix
EHX Micro synth Pg1 FactoryEH 7900electro-harmonix
EHX Micro synth Pg2 FactoryEH 7900electro-harmonix
EHX Micro synth Pg3 FactoryEH 7900electro-harmonix
EHX Micro synth Pg4 FactoryEH 7000electro-harmonix
EHX Mini QTronelectro-harmonix
EHX Mini Synthesizerelectro-harmonix
EHX Mouse Organ 3electro-harmonix
EHX Muff Fuzzelectro-harmonix
EHX Muff Fuzz Transistorelectro-harmonix
EHX Octave Multiplexerelectro-harmonix
EHX Percusserelectro-harmonix
EHX POG Polyphonic Octave Generatorelectro-harmonix
EHX Polychoruselectro-harmonix
EHX Polyphase Factoryelectro-harmonix
EHX Polyphase Factory less clearelectro-harmonix
EHX Pulsarelectro-harmonix
EHX Pulse Modulatorelectro-harmonix
EHX Q Tronelectro-harmonix
EHX Queen Triggered Wah Factoryelectro-harmonix
EHX Queen Wahelectro-harmonix
EHX RTG Random Tone Generatorelectro-harmonix
EHX Satisfactionelectro-harmonix
EHX Screaming Birdelectro-harmonix
EHX Screaming Treeelectro-harmonix
EHX Silencerelectro-harmonix
EHX Slap Back Echo EH 4700electro-harmonix
EHX Small Clone SAD1024A MN3007 FactoryEelectro-harmonix
EHX Small Stone EC4800electro-harmonix
EHX Small Stone EH4800electro-harmonix
EHX Soul Foodelectro-harmonix
EHX Soul Kisselectro-harmonix
EHX Soul Preacherelectro-harmonix
EHX Space Drum Factoryelectro-harmonix
EHX Stereo Memory Manelectro-harmonix
EHX Talking Pedal Factory EH 3200electro-harmonix
EHX Talking Pedal 2 Factory EH 3200electro-harmonix
EHX The Wormelectro-harmonix
EHX Tube EQelectro-harmonix
EHX Tube Wigglerelectro-harmonix
EHX Tube Zipperelectro-harmonix
EHX Wah Wah Pedalelectro-harmonix
EHX Y Triggered Filter Factoryelectro-harmonix
EHX Zipper Factoryelectro-harmonix
Eko Multitone Distortioneko
Eko Multitone Repeateko
Eko Multitone Strepitosoeko
Eko Treble Bass Boostereko
El Musico Loco Wee Beaverother
Electra Distortionelectra
Electra Envelopeelectra
Electra Phase Shifterelectra
Electrolab Fuzz Buzzlectrolab
Elektor Distortionelektor
Elektor Distortion Compressorelektor
Elektor Enhancerelektor
Elektor Enhancer V2elektor
Elektor Harmonic Enhancerelektor
Elektor Harmonic Enhancer 2elektor
Elektor Parametric EQelektor
Elektor Variable Fuzzelektor
Elektronika Synchro Wahother
Elektronika 12 011other
Emma Transmorgrifierother
EQD Acapulco Goldearthquaker-devices
EQD Arpanoidearthquaker-devices
EQD Arrowsearthquaker-devices
EQD Bellowearthquaker-devices
EQD Bit Commanderearthquaker-devices
EQD Black Ashearthquaker-devices
EQD Black Eyeearthquaker-devices
EQD Bowsearthquaker-devices
EQD Chrystalisearthquaker-devices
EQD Crimson Driveearthquaker-devices
EQD Dirt Transmitterearthquaker-devices
EQD Disaster Transport Jrearthquaker-devices
EQD Dispatch Masterearthquaker-devices
EQD Erupterearthquaker-devices
EQD Ghost Echoearthquaker-devices
EQD Grey Channelearthquaker-devices
EQD Hizumitasearthquaker-devices
EQD Hoofearthquaker-devices
EQD Hummingbirdearthquaker-devices
EQD Life Pedalearthquaker-devices
EQD Monarchearthquaker-devices
EQD Organizerearthquaker-devices
EQD Palisadesearthquaker-devices
EQD Park Fuzzearthquaker-devices
EQD Rainbow Machineearthquaker-devices
EQD Sherwoodearthquaker-devices
EQD Space Spiralearthquaker-devices
EQD Speaker Crankerearthquaker-devices
EQD Talonsearthquaker-devices
EQD Tentacleearthquaker-devices
EQD The Depthsearthquaker-devices
EQD The Wardenearthquaker-devices
EQD Tone Reaperearthquaker-devices
EQD Westwoodearthquaker-devices
EQD White Lightearthquaker-devices
Ernie Ball Wahother
Estradin Ekspromtother
Ethos Preampother
ETI 1 Transistor Fuzzother
Eventide Andertide Phasorother
Exar MT 1 Metalother
Excalibur Analog delayother
FAL Treble Boosterother
Fame DS 10 Slasherother
Farfisa Repeat Volumeother
Farfisa Sfera Soundother
Faylon Fuzz Machineother
Feisty Little One ThermalDetonatorother
Fender Echoreverb_III_oilcanfender
Fender Blender Fuzzfender
Fender Dimension_IV_so undexpander_oilcanfender
Fender Ecco_fonicfender
Fender Echochamber_fe1000fender
Fender Echochamber_oldfender
Fender Echoreverb_II_oilcanfender
Fender Fuzz Wahfender
Fender Pugilist Distortionfender
Fender Reverb 6G15 Schematicfender
Fire Power Boosterother
Fishman Model G Acoustic Preampother
Foxrox CC Hybridfoxrox
Foxrox Octronfoxrox
Foxrox ZIM Overdrive Schematicsfoxrox
Foxx Clean Machinefoxx
Foxx Foot Phaserfoxx
Foxx Fuzz Wahfoxx
Foxx Select a Fuzzfoxx
Foxx Tone Machinefoxx
Foxx Wahfoxx
Frantone Bassweet Fuzzfrantone
Frantone Brooklyn Overdrivefrantone
Frantone Hi Ballfrantone
Frantone Lo Tone Classic Fuzzfrantone
Frantone Peach Fuzzfrantone
Frantone The Sweetfrantone
Frantone Vibutronfrantone
Free the Tone Heatblasterother
Friedman BE ODfriedman
Friedman Buxon Boostfriedman
Friedman Dirty Shirleyfriedman
Fromel Death is Gainother
Fuchs Plushother
Fulltone ’69fulltone
Fulltone ’70fulltone
Fulltone 2Bfulltone
Fulltone Bass Drivefulltone
Fulltone Catalystfulltone
Fulltone Clyde Deluxefulltone
Fulltone Fat Boostfulltone
Fulltone Full drivefulltone
Fulltone Full drive 2fulltone
Fulltone Mas Malofulltone
Fulltone OCDfulltone
Fulltone Plimsoulfulltone
Fulltone RTO Robin Trower Overdrivefulltone
Fulltone Secret Freqfulltone
Fulltone Soulbenderfulltone
Fulltone Supa Tremfulltone
Function f(x) Cluster Fuzzother
Function f(x) Gate Crasherother
Fuzzhugger Algal Bloomfuzzhugger
Fuzzhugger Doom Bloomfuzzhugger
Fuzzhugger Great Wallfuzzhugger
Fuzzhugger Groundswellfuzzhugger
Fuzzhugger Phantom Arcadefuzzhugger
Fuzzlord Void Masterother
G.S. Wyllie Moonrockother
Gallien Krueger Drive pedalother
Gas Pedals Dumbellother
GCS 3 Transistor Fuzzgcs
GCS Another Sick Fuzzgcs
GCS BJT Boostgcs
GCS Gusrite Fuzzgcs
GCS JH2 Modgcs
GCS MBB Fuzzgcs
GCS Mosfet Drivegcs
GCS Muff Fuzzgcs
GCS NPN Drivegcs
GCS Octave Up Sick Boxgcs
GCS Simple Fuzzgcs
GCS Simple Octave Upgcs
GDM Wah Wahother
George Dennis Wizard Bluesother
Giannini Analog Delaygiannini
Glou Glou Rendez Vousother
GM Electronics Fuzz Upother
Goodrich Model 7A Super Sustain Match Boxother
Goya BoomBoxother
Goya Panther Fuzzother
Greer Amps Ghetto Stompgreer-amps
Greer Amps Green giantgreer-amps
Greer Amps Sucker Punchgreer-amps
Greer Amps Tomahawk Deluxegreer-amps
Gretsch Controfuzzgretsch
Gretsch Expandafuzzgretsch
Gretsch Play boy Harmon Boostergretsch
Gretsch Play boy HF Modulatorgretsch
Gretsch Sonic Boomgretsch
Gretsch Tremofectgretsch
Guild Brian Mayguild
Guild Foxey Lady 3 Knobguild
Guild Foxey Lady2guild
Guild Fuzz Wahguild
Guyatone Crazy Faceguyatone
Guyatone FB X Funky Boxguyatone
Guyatone FL 3 Micro Flangerguyatone
Guyatone Flip VT X Tremeloguyatone
Guyatone FS 6 Sustainerguyatone
Guyatone HD 2 Harmonic Distortionguyatone
Guyatone HD 3 Hot Driveguyatone
Guyatone HR 2 Hard Rockerguyatone
Guyatone MM 2 Metal Masterguyatone
Guyatone PS 003 Compressorguyatone
Guyatone PS 006 Analog Delayguyatone
Guyatone PS 013 Chorusguyatone
Guyatone PS 014 Delayguyatone
Guyatone PS 021 Guitar Exciterguyatone
Guyatone PS 027 Loop Gateguyatone
Guyatone PS 101 Rolly Box Super Phase Sonixguyatone
Guyatone PS 102 Zoom Box Distortionguyatone
Guyatone PS 103 Driving Box Compressorguyatone
Guyatone PS 104 Cross Over Box Auto Wahguyatone
Guyatone PS 106 Dual Octave Boxguyatone
Guyatone PS 107 Moving Box Flangerguyatone
Guyatone PS 110 Chorus Machine Boxguyatone
Guyatone SD 2 Sustainer Dguyatone
Guyatone TD 1 Tube Distortionguyatone
Guyatone TZ 2 Fuzzguyatone
Guyatone VT 2 Tremologuyatone
Guyatone WR 3 Wah Rockerguyatone
HAO Rust Boosterhao
HAO Rust Driverhao
HAO Rust Ridehao
HAO Sole Pressurehao
HBE Dos Moshome-brew-electronics
HBE Germaniahome-brew-electronics
HBE Hematomahome-brew-electronics
HBE Medicine Bawl Wahhome-brew-electronics
HBE Power Screamerhome-brew-electronics
HE Auto wahother
Heathkit T28 Fuzz Boosterother
Heil Sound The Talkboxother
Hermida Audio Dover Drivehermida-audio
Hermida Audio Mosferatuhermida-audio
Hermida Audio Rust Driverhermida-audio
Hermida Audio Zendrivehermida-audio
Hermida Audio Zendrive 2hermida-audio
HH Electronics Clockwork Concubineother
Himmelstrutz Fettoother
Himmelstrutz Grampsother
HipKitty Oxblood Distortionother
Hiwatt Custom Shop Filter Fuzzhiwatt
Hiwatt Tube Distortionhiwatt
Hiwatt Tube Overdrivehiwatt
Hofner 4578TZ Treble Fuzzhofner
Hofner Buzztonehofner
Hofner Fuzzhofner
Hofner Preamphofner
Hofner Wah Wahhofner
Hohner Tri Dirty Boosterother
Hohner Valve Overdriveother
Holden Reverberation Chamberother
Holtek Echoother
Holtek Voice Modulatorother
Hornby Skewes Fuzz FZIIIjohn-hornby-skewes
Hornby Skewes Shatterboxjohn-hornby-skewes
Hornby Skewes The Zonk Machinejohn-hornby-skewes
Hornby Skewes Treble Boosterjohn-hornby-skewes
Howies Metal Simplezother
Hudson Electronic Broadcasthudson-electronic
Hudson Sidecarhudson-electronic
Hughes & Kettner Red Box classichughes-kettner
Hughes & Kettner Red Box Prohughes-kettner
Hughes & Kettner Rotospherehughes-kettner
Hughes & Kettner Tube Factorhughes-kettner
Hughes & Kettner Tubemanhughes-kettner
Hughes & Kettner Warp Factorhughes-kettner
Human Gear Animatoother
Ibanez AD 100 Analog Delayibanez
Ibanez AD 202 Multi Mode Analog Delayibanez
Ibanez AD 230 Analog Delay & Multi Flangeribanez
Ibanez AD 80 Analog Delayibanez
Ibanez AD 9 Analog Delayibanez
Ibanez AD 99 Analog Delayibanez
Ibanez AF 2 Airplane Flangeribanez
Ibanez AFL Auto Filteribanez
Ibanez AW 5 Auto Wahibanez
Ibanez AW 7 AutoWahibanez
Ibanez BB 9 Bottom Boosteribanez
Ibanez BCL TC 10 Twin Cam Chorusibanez
Ibanez BE 10 Bass Eqibanez
Ibanez BN 5 Black Noise Distortionibanez
Ibanez BS 10 Bass stackibanez
Ibanez CD 10 Delayibanez
Ibanez CD 5 Cyberdriveibanez
Ibanez CF 7 Chorus Flangeribanez
Ibanez CM 5 Classic Metalibanez
Ibanez CP 10 Compressor Sustaineribanez
Ibanez CP 830 Compressoribanez
Ibanez CP 835 Compressor IIibanez
Ibanez CR 5 Crunchy Rhythmibanez
Ibanez CS 5 Super Chorusibanez
Ibanez CS 505 Chorusibanez
Ibanez CS 9 Stereo Chorusibanez
Ibanez DE 7 Delay Echoibanez
Ibanez DFL Digital Flangeribanez
Ibanez DL 5 Digital Delayibanez
Ibanez DM 1000 Digital Delayibanez
Ibanez DS 10 Distortionibanez
Ibanez DS 7 Distortionibanez
Ibanez DSC 10 Digital Chorusibanez
Ibanez EM 5 Echo Machineibanez
Ibanez FC 10 Fat Catibanez
Ibanez FL 301 Flangeribanez
Ibanez FL 303 Flangeribanez
Ibanez FL 99 Flangeribanez
Ibanez FP 777 Flying Pan Phaseribanez
Ibanez FZ 5 60’S Fuzzibanez
Ibanez FZ 7 Fuzzibanez
Ibanez GE 9_GE 10 Graphic Equalizeribanez
Ibanez Jemini Distortionibanez
Ibanez JL 70 Jetlyzeribanez
Ibanez LF 7 LO FIibanez
Ibanez LM 7 L.A. Metalibanez
Ibanez LS 10 Dual Loop Selectoribanez
Ibanez MF 5 Modern Fusionibanez
Ibanez MS 10 Metal Chargeribanez
Ibanez MSL Metal Screameribanez
Ibanez MT 10 MoStortionibanez
Ibanez NB 10 Noise Busteribanez
Ibanez No. 57 Wau Wauibanez
Ibanez No. 58 Standard Wau Fuzzibanez
Ibanez No. 59 Standard Fuzzibanez
Ibanez No. 84 Double Sound Fuzz Wahibanez
Ibanez No. 95 Renometeribanez
Ibanez OD 850 Overdriveibanez
Ibanez OD 855 Overdrive 2ibanez
Ibanez OT 10 Octaveibanez
Ibanez PC 10 Prime Dual Chorusibanez
Ibanez PD 7 Phat Hedibanez
Ibanez PH 5 Phaseribanez
Ibanez PH 99 Classic Phaseibanez
Ibanez PL 5 Power Leadibanez
Ibanez PM 7 Phase Modulatoribanez
Ibanez PQL Parametric EQibanez
Ibanez PT 707 Phase Tone IIibanez
Ibanez PT 909 Phase Toneibanez
Ibanez PUE 5 Multi Effectsibanez
Ibanez RC99 Rotary Chorusibanez
Ibanez SB 7 Bass Synthesizeribanez
Ibanez SC 10 Super Stereo Chorusibanez
Ibanez SD 9 Distortionibanez
Ibanez SDR 1000 Stereo Digital Reverbibanez
Ibanez SF 5 60s Fuzzibanez
Ibanez SH7 7th Heavenibanez
Ibanez SM 7 Smash Boxibanez
Ibanez SP 5 Slam Punkibanez
Ibanez ST 810 Stereo Pedalibanez
Ibanez ST 9 Supertubeibanez
Ibanez STL Super Tubeibanez
Ibanez TK 999 Tube Kingibanez
Ibanez TL5 Tremoloibanez
Ibanez TM 5 TrashMetalibanez
Ibanez TS 10 Tube Screameribanez
Ibanez TS 5 Tube Screameribanez
Ibanez TS 7 Tube Screameribanez
Ibanez TS 808 Tube Screameribanez
Ibanez TS 9 Tube Screameribanez
Ibanez TS 9dx Turbo Tube Screameribanez
Ibanez WF 10 Wah Fuzzibanez
Ibanez WH 10 Wahibanez
Ibanez WH 10 Wah_v2ibanez
Idiotbox Blow Boxother
Interfax Harmonic Percolatorother
ISP Decimator IIother
Jack Deville Deuce Coupeother
JAM Rattlerother
Janglebox Jangleboxother
JEI Phaserjei
Jen Cry Babyjen
Jen Fuzzjen
Jen Fuzz IIIjen
Jen Harmon Boosterjen
Jen HF modulatorjen
Jen Jumbo Fuzzjen
Jen Mister Cry Babyjen
Jen Wah Volumejen
Jet City Jettenuatorjet-city
Jetter Gain Stageother
Jext Telez White Pedaljext-telez
JHS 3 Series Compressorjhs
JHS 3 Series Distortionjhs
JHS 3 Series Fuzzjhs
JHS 3 Series Overdrivejhs
JHS All Americanjhs
JHS Angry Charliejhs
JHS Haunting Midsjhs
JHS Little Black Bufferjhs
JHS Mini Bomb Boosterjhs
JHS Morning Gloryjhs
JHS Overdrive Preampjhs
JHS SuperBoltjhs
JHS Tidewaterjhs
JHS Twin Twelvejhs
Johnson_AXL Echo Analog Delayother
Jordan Boss Boostjordan
Jordan Boss Tonejordan
Jordan Creatorjordan
Jordan Gig Wahjordan
Jordan Vico Vibejordan
Joyo AC Tonejoyo
Joyo American Soundjoyo
Joyo British Soundjoyo
Joyo California Soundjoyo
Joyo Crunch Distortionjoyo
Joyo Dyna compressorjoyo
Joyo Hi Gain Distortionjoyo
Joyo Oxford Soundjoyo
Joyo Pipe Bombjoyo
Joyo Power Supplyjoyo
Joyo Roll Boostjoyo
Joyo Sweet Babyjoyo
Joyo Ultimate Drivejoyo
Joyo Voodoo Octavejoyo
K&K Sound Pure Preampother
Kadent Treblefuzzother
Kay B 1 Bass Boostkay
Kay F 1 Fuzz Tonekay
Kay T 1 Tremolokay
Kay W 1 Wah Wahkay
Kazan Boosterkazan
Kazan Fuzzkazan
Kazan Kvakerkazan
Kazan Vibratokazan
Keeler Designs Kick Fuzzother
Keeler Designs Pullother
Keeler Designs Pushother
Keeley 1962keeley
Keeley 4 Knob Compressorkeeley
Keeley Fuzz Benderkeeley
Keeley Fuzz Headkeeley
Keeley Germanium Amplifierkeeley
Keeley Java boostkeeley
Keeley Katanakeeley
Keeley Oxbloodkeeley
Keeley Psi Fuzzkeeley
Keeley Time Machine Boostkeeley
Keio Synthesizer Travelerother
Kendrick Buffalo Pfuzother
Kent EA 3 Fuzz Tone Benderkent
Kingsley Bardkingsley
Kingsley Harlot Tube Overdrivekingsley
Kingsley Minstrelkingsley
Kingsley Pagekingsley
KMA Tyler the Frequency Splitterother
KMD Distortionother
KMD Phaserother
KOD DS 04 Distortionother
Kod NG 00 Overdrivekod
Kod NG 01 Compressorkod
Koda KD22 Choruskoda
Koda KD24 Flangerkoda
Koda KD28 Distortionkoda
Koda KD32 Rockerkoda
Korg 105OD Classic Overdrivekorg
Korg CHR 1 Choruskorg
Korg CMP 1 Compressorkorg
Korg DST 1 Distortionkorg
Korg DST 3 Hard Distkorg
Korg FK 1 Synthe Pedalkorg
Korg FK 2 Mr Multi Phasekorg
Korg FLG 1 Flangerkorg
Korg guitar effects service manualkorg
Korg LIM 1 Limiterkorg
Korg NGT 1 Noise Gatekorg
Korg OCT 1 Octaverkorg
Korg OVD 1 Overdrivekorg
Korg PEQ 1 Parametric EQkorg
Korg PHS 1 Phaserkorg
Korg SE 500 Stage Echokorg
Korg TNB 1 Tone Boosterkorg
Krank Distortus Maximusother
Krank KrankShaft Overdriveother
Landgraff Dynamic Ovedriveother
Lehle Parallellehle
Lehle Sunday Driverlehle
Leo Fuzz Boxother
LGL Green Monsterother
Locobox FL 01 Spaceship Flangerother
Lollygagger FX Canagliaother
Lone Wolf Audio Endless Blockadeother
Lovepedal Amp elevenlovepedal
Lovepedal Black Magiclovepedal
Lovepedal Champlovepedal
Lovepedal COT 50lovepedal
Lovepedal Delux 60lovepedal
Lovepedal Dragon Fuzzlovepedal
Lovepedal Englishmanlovepedal
Lovepedal Eternitylovepedal
Lovepedal Hermida Dover Drivelovepedal
Lovepedal Hi Voltlovepedal
Lovepedal JTMlovepedal
Lovepedal Kalamazoolovepedal
Lovepedal Karl Fuzzlovepedal
Lovepedal Les Liuslovepedal
Lovepedal Magicboy Vibelovepedal
Lovepedal OD 11lovepedal
Lovepedal Purple plexilovepedal
Lovepedal Silicon Fuzzmasterlovepedal
Lovepedal Super Sixlovepedal
Lovepedal SuperLeadlovepedal
Lovepedal Tchulalovepedal
Lovepedal Woodrowlovepedal
Lovetone Big Cheeselovetone
Lovetone Brown Sourcelovetone
Lovetone Doppelgangerlovetone
Lovetone Meatballlovetone
Lovetone StringRingerlovetone
Lovetone Wobulatorlovetone
LRE Fuzz Soundother
Lupine Systems SAD1024 Delayother
M’T Lab Fat Humsterother
Mad professor Amber Drivemad-professor
Mad professor Blueberrymad-professor
Mad professor Deep Blue delaymad-professor
Mad professor Fire red fuzzmad-professor
Mad professor Forest Green Compressormad-professor
Mad professor Little Green Wondermad-professor
Mad professor Ruby Red Boostermad-professor
Mad professor Simblemad-professor
Mad professor Sky Blue Overdrivemad-professor
Mad professor Snow White Autowahmad-professor
Mad professor Stone Grey Distortionmad-professor
Mad professor Sweet Honey Overdrivemad-professor
Maestro BB 1 Bass Brass Mastermaestro
Maestro Boomer Wah_Volmaestro
Maestro ControFuzzmaestro
Maestro EG 1 Boomerangmaestro
Maestro EP 1 Echoplex_5000maestro
Maestro EP 2 Echoplex_1549 2749maestro
Maestro EP 2 Echoplex_2750 5499maestro
Maestro EP 2 Echoplex_5500 5938maestro
Maestro EP 3 Echoplex_12961 28591maestro
Maestro EP 3 Echoplex_9068 9450maestro
Maestro EP 3 Echoplex_9451 12960maestro
Maestro Ep 4 Echoplexmaestro
Maestro FRB 1 Full Range Boostermaestro
Maestro FSH 1a Filter Sample n Holdmaestro
Maestro Fuzzmaestro
Maestro FZ 1s Fuzztonemaestro
Maestro FZ1_FZ1a Fuzzmaestro
Maestro G2 Rithm’n’Soundmaestro
Maestro ME 1 Envelope Modifiermaestro
Maestro MFZ 1 Fuzzmaestro
Maestro MFZ 271a Fuzzmaestro
Maestro MFZT 272a Fuzztainmaestro
Maestro MP 1 Phasermaestro
Maestro MPF 220a Parametric Filtermaestro
Maestro MPP 274a Stage Phasermaestro
Maestro MPS 2 Phase Shiftermaestro
Maestro OB 1 Octave Boxmaestro
Maestro PS 1 Phase Shiftermaestro
Maestro RM 1a Ring Modulatormaestro
Maestro Service Manualmaestro
Maestro TH 1 Thereminmaestro
Majik Box Rocket Fuelother
Malekko B assmastermalekko
Malekko Vibratomalekko
Malekko Wolftone Sloikamalekko
Mantic Vitriolother
Mark Hammer Chaosother
Marshall Blues Breakermarshall
Marshall Drive Mastermarshall
Marshall DRP 1 Direct Recording Preampmarshall
Marshall ED 1 Compressormarshall
Marshall Guv’normarshall
Marshall GV 2 Guvnormarshall
Marshall Shred Mastermarshall
Marshall Supa Fuzzmarshall
Marshall Supa Wahmarshall
Marshall SV 1 Super Vibemarshall
Matchless Hotboxmatchless
Matchless Vibroboxmatchless
Maxon AD 900 Analog Delaymaxon
Maxon CP 101 Compressormaxon
Maxon D&S IImaxon
Maxon Dirt Boxmaxon
Maxon DS 830 Distortion Mastermaxon
Maxon OD 1 The Drivermaxon
Maxon OD 808 Overdrivemaxon
Maxon OD 820 Over Drivemaxon
Maxon OD F1 Fire Blademaxon
Maxon OR 01 Rock N Rollmaxon
Maxon PT 909 Phase Tonemaxon
Maxon PT 999 Phase tonemaxon
Maxon SD 9 Sonic Distortionmaxon
Maxon SM 01 Super Metalmaxon
Maxon TBO 9 True Tube Boostermaxon
Maxon TOD 9 True Tube Overdrivemaxon
Mellowtone Wolf Computerother
Melos Effectmaticother
Memphis Distortionother
Menatone Blue Collarmenatone
Menatone Howiemenatone
Menatone JAC Optical Compressionmenatone
Menatone Ms Foxy Brownmenatone
Menatone None More Blackmenatone
Menatone Pigmenatone
Menatone Red Snappermenatone
Mesa Grid Slammermesa-boogie
Mesa Tone Burstmesa-boogie
Mesa Boogie Bootle Rocketmesa-boogie
Mesa Boogie Vtwinmesa-boogie
MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxemi-audio
Mi Audio Blues Promi-audio
MI Audio Buff n Boostmi-audio
Mi Audio Crunch Boxmi-audio
MI Audio GI Fuzzmi-audio
MI Audio Tube Zone 6 knobmi-audio
Mid fi ClariNotother
Mid fi Demo Tape Fuzzother
Mid fi Peace Gunother
Mid fi Random Number Generatorother
Milin Kamak compressorother
MJM London Fuzzother
Montarbo Sinfhoton Fuzzother
Monter Effects Swamp Thangother
Mooer Soloother
Moog 904Amoog
Moog 904Bmoog
Moog 904Cmoog
Moog CP 251 Control Processormoog
Moog Frequency Shiftermoog
Moog MF 101 Low Pass Filtermoog
Moog MF 102 Ring Modulatormoog
Moog MF 103 12 Stage Phasermoog
Moog MF 104 Analog Delaymoog
Moog MF 105 Murfmoog
Moog MF 105m Midi Murfmoog
Moog MF 107 FreqBoxmoog
Moog MF 108m Cluster Fluxmoog
Moog Minimoog Filtermoog
Moog Parametric EQmoog
Moog VCFmoog
Moreschi Wah Fuzzother
Moreschi Wah Fuzzother
Morley_Tel Ray 747ms schematic circuit electronic wiring diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray abc box schematic diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray aby switchbox selector schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray ad_n_echo_oilcanmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray attack control volume acv circuit diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray auto wah pwa amp schematic diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bcv st chorus volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bfw fuzz wah schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bpa 2550 big foot power ampmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bsov super overdrive volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bsp stereo volume panner schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bsv stereo volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bvb volume boost schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bvo volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray bwa wah schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray cfw compact fuzz wah schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray chorus flanger cfl schematic diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray classic wah clw schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray compressor_vol_vcomorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray crystal chorus box schematic diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray csv compact stereo volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray cvo compact volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray cwa compact wah schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray cwv wah volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray delay_echo_reverb_oilcanmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray deluxe_organtone_oilcanmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray diamond distortion box ddb schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray echo chorus vibrato ecv circuit diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray echo plus pedal schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray echo ver brato_oilcanmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray echo volume type evo 1 circuit diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray edl electrostatic delay linemorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray electropik_attackctl_acvmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray electrostatic_delay_line_oilcanmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray emerald echo box eeb schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray fastune tuner circuit diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray fx blender fxb effect schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray george lynch tripler model triplermorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray just distortion jdb schematic diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray krz wl kurzweil voltage controllermorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray mark tremonti power wah mark 1morley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray Mini Alligator Volume Pedalmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray phaser_vol_pfa_pfvmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pikawah_sawmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pkw pik a wah schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pob phaser one schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray power wah fuzz schematic diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray power wah latest model pwomorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray ppa pik percussionmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series bass wah pba schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series distortion wah volume pdw schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series ii distortion wah volume model pdw iimorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series ii wah model pwa iimorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series ii wah volume model pwv iimorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series switchless wah nsw schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series wah volume pwv schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series wah volume with silent switching schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pro series wah with silent switching pwa ssmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pvo pro series volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pwb power wah boostmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pwo power wah circuit diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray pwov power wah volumemorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray rss rotating sound synthesizer circuit diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray rwv rotating wah volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray sab sync attack box schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray sapphire flanger box sfb schematic diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray saw pik a wah boxmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray scv sedona chorus volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray scv stereo chorus vibrato schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray sldw distortion wah schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray slsv wah stereo volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray slvo wah volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray slwa wah schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray slwv wah volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray steve vai bad horsie 2 contour wah model vai 2morley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray steve vai little alligator volume model plamorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray svo stereo volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray Switchless_wah_vaimorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray time master mtm schematic diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray vol_boost_vbomorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray volume boost vbo circuit diagrammorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray volume compressor vco schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray volume pedal vol schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray wah_vol_wvomorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray wahboost_pwbmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray wvo wah volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray xvo volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray xvp stereo volume panner schematicmorley-tel-ray
Morley_Tel Ray xwv wah volume schematicmorley-tel-ray
Mosky Plexi mother
Mosrite Fuzzrite GEother
Mosrite Fuzzrite SIother
Mr. Black BB 74xother
Mr. Black Boost Tigerother
MSA Steel Onboard Fuzzother
MTM Electra IIbe Overdriveother
Musitronics Mu tron Flangermu-tron
Musitronics Mu tron Micro IIImu-tron
Musitronics Mu tron Micro Vmu-tron
Musitronics Mu tron Phasor IImu-tron
MXR DD11 Dime Distortionmxr
MXR M101 Phase 90mxr
MXR M102 Dyna Compmxr
MXR M103 Blue Boxmxr
MXR M104 Distortior +mxr
MXR M105 Phase 45mxr
MXR M106 Noise Gatemxr
MXR M107 Phase 100mxr
MXR M108 10 Band Eqmxr
MXR M109 6 Band Eqmxr
MXR M113 Digital Delaymxr
MXR M115 Distortion iiimxr
MXR M117 Flangermxr
MXR M118 Analog Delay 4 Knobmxr
MXR M118 Analog Delay R5101mxr
MXR M118 Analog Delay SAD1024mxr
MXR M120 Envelope Filtermxr
MXR M126 Flanger Doublermxr
MXR M133 Micro Ampmxr
MXR M134 Stereo Chorusmxr
MXR M142 Distortion IImxr
MXR M143 Limitermxr
MXR M148 Micro Chorusmxr
MXR M152 Micro Flangermxr
MXR M157 Headphone Amplifiermxr
MXR M161 Phaser Commandemxr
MXR M163 Sustain Commandemxr
MXR M173 Classic 108 Fuzzmxr
MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzzmxr
MXR M236 Super Badass Variac Fuzzmxr
MXR M78 Badass 78 distortionmxr
MXR M80 Bass DImxr
MXR MC401 Booster_Line Drivermxr
MXR MC402 Boost Overdrivemxr
MXR ZW44 Zakk Wyldemxr
Nobels AB 1 Switchernobels
Nobels AB 5 Analog AB Switchernobels
Nobels Alex 1 Analog Loopnobels
Nobels CH D Digital Stereo Chorusnobels
Nobels CO 2 Compressornobels
Nobels DD 800 Digital Delaynobels
Nobels DT 1 Distortionnobels
Nobels DT SN Distortion Specialnobels
Nobels DT XN Distortion Xtremenobels
Nobels FU Z Fuzznobels
Nobels ODR 1 Overdrivenobels
Nobels ODR 1+ Overdrive Plusnobels
Nobels ODR B Bass Overdrivenobels
Nobels ODR S Overdrive Specialnobels
Nobels PH D Phasernobels
Nobels PRE 1 Preamp Boosternobels
Nobels PRE C Preampnobels
Nobels TR X Tremolonobels
NOC3 Pure Driveother
Nocturn Brain Seltzerother
OKKO Diablo+other
OKKO Dominatorother
Oliver BF 20 Flangeroliver
Oliver CE30 Chorusoliver
Oliver CS30 Compressor Sustaineroliver
Oliver DD30 Digital Delayoliver
Oliver HM20 Heavy Metaloliver
Oliver SD10 Super Overdriveoliver
Olson Fuzz Masterother
One Control Honeybeeother
Onerr DST 2 Mercury Distortiononerr
Onerr OVD 1 Overdriveonerr
Onerr TO 1 Tungsten Overdriveonerr
Onerr TR 1 Copper Tremoloonerr
Orange Terror Stamporange
Orange Tone Boosterorange
Orpheum Fuzz Geother
Ovation Preampother
PAiA Phlangerother
PAiA Phlangerother
Panther DI 10 Distortionother
Panther OD 30 Overdriveother
Park Auto Wahpark
Paul Cochrane Timmyother
Pearl AD 08 Analog Delaypearl
Pearl CE 22 Chorus Ensemblepearl
Pearl CH 02 Choruspearl
Pearl CO 04 Compressorpearl
Pearl DS 06 Distortionpearl
Pearl F 605 Analog Delaypearl
Pearl FG 01 Flangerpearl
Pearl OC 07 Octaverpearl
Pearl OD 05 Overdrivepearl
Pearl PE 10 Parametric Equalizerpearl
Pearl PH 03 Phaserpearl
Pearl PH 44 Phaserpearl
Peavey AOD 2 Accelerator Overdrivepeavey
Peavey CMC 1 Companded Choruspeavey
Peavey CSR 2 Compressor Sustainerpeavey
Peavey DD Dirty Dogpeavey
Peavey DDL 3 Digital Delaypeavey
Peavey DEP 16 Stereo Effects Processorpeavey
Peavey DSC 4 Dual Clock Stereo Choruspeavey
Peavey HFD 2 Hotfoot Distortionpeavey
Penny Pedals Finger Printother
Pepe Rush Fuzzyother
Pharaoh Amps Class A Boostother
Pigtronix Fat Drivepigtronix
Pigtronix Keymasterpigtronix
Pigtronix Philosophers Rockpigtronix
Pigtronix Philosophers Tonepigtronix
Pigtronix Polysaturatorpigtronix
Prescription Electronics COB Clean Octave Blendprescription-electronics
Prescription Electronics Depth Chargeprescription-electronics
Prescription Electronics Experienceprescription-electronics
Prescription Electronics Throb Tremoloprescription-electronics
Prescription Electronics Yardboxprescription-electronics
Pro Co Juggernautpro-co
Pro co Ratpro-co
Proel DS 10 Distortionother
Protone Pedals Jason Becker Distortionother
Providence Sonic Driveother
PSK Super Overdriveother
Radial Bigshot PB1radial
Radial SGI Studio Guitar Interfaceradial
Radial Tonebone Classicradial
Ramble fx Marvel Driveother
Raygun FX Octavia Phuzzother
Reagun Overdriveother
Red Witch Fuzz Godother
Red Witch Scarlettother
Redson Overdriveother
Retro Channel The Fuzzother
Rickenbacker Compressorrickenbacker
Rift Amplification EL34other
Robon Tomtlund Red Fuzzother
Rockett 10 Tone Hammerj-rockett
Rockett Animalj-rockett
Rockett Blue Note ODj-rockett
Rockett Chicken Soupj-rockett
Rockett FlexDrivej-rockett
Rockett Lemon Aidj-rockett
Rockett Tim Pierce ODj-rockett
Rockett WTF Fuzzj-rockett
Rockman Sustainorother
Rockman Ultimatumother
Rocktek CHR 01 Chorusrocktek
Rocktek DIR 01 Distortionrocktek
Rocktek FLR 01 Flangerrocktek
Rocktek PHR 01 Phaserrocktek
Rocktron Banshee Amplified Talkboxrocktron
Rocktron Golden Driverocktron
Rocktron Hush Noise Gaterocktron
Rocktron Nitro Boosterrocktron
Rocktron Silver Dragonrocktron
Rocktron Tri Wahrocktron
Roger Mayer Axis Fuzzroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Classic Fuzzroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Mongooseroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Octaviaroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Page 1roger-mayer
Roger Mayer RM58 Stereo Limiterroger-mayer
Roger Mayer RM68 Noise Gateroger-mayer
Roger Mayer RM68X Noise Gateroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Spitfire Fuzzroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Stone Fuzzroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Voodoo Axeroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Voodoo Bassroger-mayer
Roger Mayer Voodoo Viberoger-mayer
Roland AD 50 Double Beatroland
Roland AF 100 Bee Baaroland
Roland AF 60 Bee Geeroland
Roland AG 5 Funny Catroland
Roland AP 2 Phase IIroland
Roland AP 5 Phase Fiveroland
Roland AP 7 Jet Phaserroland
Roland AS 1 Sustainerroland
Roland EV 5 Volume pedalroland
Roland GR 100 Guitar Synthesizerroland
Roland RE 101 201roland
Roland RE 150roland
Roland Re 301roland
Roland RE 800roland
Roland RE501_SRE 555roland
Roland Revo 30roland
Roland RV 100roland
Roland RVE 800roland
Ron Black Tube Distortionother
Rosac Nu Fuzzother
Rosac Nu Waother
Ross R 30 Compressorross
Ross R 50 Distortionross
Ross R 80 Stereo Delayross
Ross R 99 Phaserross
Ross Tan Distortionross
Roto Sound Fuzzother
Rozz Dead Heatother
S Hawk Ltd II Tonal Expanderother
Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxxxother
Schaller Fuzzschaller
Schaller Fuzz GEschaller
Schaller Phaserschaller
Schaller Rotor Soundschaller
Schaller Sustainerschaller
Schaller Tremoloschaller
Schaller Wau Wau Fuzzschaller
Schaller Wha Wha Yoy Yoyschaller
Seamoon Fresh Fuzzother
Seamoon Funk Machineother
Secretefx Secret 1other
Seea Fuzz stereo v2other
Selmer Buzztoneselmer
Selmer Echo_200selmer
Selmer Echo_300_mkIIselmer
Selmer Fuzz wahselmer
Sentry Fuzz A tortother
Seppuku Space Fuzzother
Serge Ring Modulatorother
Sescom Passive DIother
Sevoka FAII Distortionother
Seymour Duncan 805 Overdriveseymour-duncan
Seymour Duncan Lavaboxseymour-duncan
Seymour Duncan Pickup Boosterseymour-duncan
Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzzseymour-duncan
Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhemseymour-duncan
Shaftesbury Duo Fuzzother
Shin ei AF 17 Equalizershin-ei-companion
Shin ei ER 23 Echo Reverb Mastershin-ei-companion
Shin ei FY 2 Fuzzmastershin-ei-companion
Shin ei FY 6shin-ei-companion
Shin ei Honey Psychedlic Machineshin-ei-companion
Shin ei HW 2 Wah Volume Surf Tornadoshin-ei-companion
shin ei MB 27 Muteboxshin-ei-companion
Shin ei OB 28 Octave Boxshin-ei-companion
Shin ei RT 18 Resly Toneshin-ei-companion
Shin ei Univibeshin-ei-companion
Shin ei Vibra Chorusshin-ei-companion
Shin ei Wahshin-ei-companion
Shin ei WF 24 Fuzz Wahshin-ei-companion
Shoe Pixel Fuzzother
SIB Varidriveother
Simms Watts Echo Dekother
Skreddy Cognitive Dissonance MKIIIskreddy
Skreddy Lunar Moduleskreddy
Skreddy Mayoskreddy
Skreddy P19skreddy
Skreddy Pig Mineskreddy
Skreddy Screwdriverskreddy
Skreddy Top Fuelskreddy
Smallsound Bigsound Miniother
Smallsound Bigsound Team Awesome Fuzz Machineother
Smart People Factory Red Threatother
Snarling Dogs Black dogsnarling-dogs
Snarling Dogs Blue Doosnarling-dogs
Snarling Dogs Bootzillasnarling-dogs
Snarling Dogs Fuzz Buzzsnarling-dogs
Snarling Dogs Whine O Wahsnarling-dogs
Snazzy FX Wow and Flutherother
Soldersound Nevermind Chorusother
Solid GoldFX Super Driveother
Soul Sonic Freyaother
Sound City DS 04 Distortionsound-city
Sound City Over drivesound-city
Sound City Phase Shiftersound-city
Spaceman Nebula Fuzzother
Spaceman Sputnik Laika fuzzother
SRS Eq Exciterother
Stanley Goldmineother
Steel Panther Pussy Melterother
Stinger DE 80 Analog Delayother
Studio Electronics Wolftone Chaosother
Subdecay Flying Tomatosubdecay
Subdecay Gurgle and Moansubdecay
Subdecay Liquid Sunshinesubdecay
Subdecay Super Nova Drivesubdecay
Subdecay Variac ODsubdecay
Suhr Eclipsesuhr
Suhr KOKO Boostsuhr
Suhr Riotsuhr
Suhr Reactive Loadsuhr
Sunn Buzzsunn
Supro 1304 Fuzzsupro
Supro Reverbsupro
Surfy Bear FET Reverbother
Synfhoton Montarboother
Systech Harmonic Energizerother
Systech Overdriveother
T Pedals T Fuzzother
T Rex Bass Juicet-rex
T Rex Comp Novat-rex
T Rex Ego Boost n Drivet-rex
T Rex Gristle Kingt-rex
T Rex Hobo Drivet-rex
T Rex Mollert-rex
T Rex Mudhoneyt-rex
T Rex Squeezert-rex
T Rex Tonebug Overdrivet-rex
T Rex Totenschlagert-rex
TAD Range Kingother
TC Electronics 3rd Dimension Chorustc-electronics
TC Electronics Dark Mattertc-electronics
TC Electronics Dual EQtc-electronics
TC Electronics Mojo Mojotc-electronics
TC Electronics Spark Boostertc-electronics
TC Electronics Stereo Chorus Flangertc-electronics
TC Electronics Sustain Parametric EQtc-electronics
Tecamp Dream Buzz deluxeother
Tech 21 Bass Drivertech-21
Tech 21 Double Drivetech-21
Tech 21 SamsAmp Character series OXFORDtech-21
Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series BLONDEtech-21
Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series BRITISHtech-21
Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series LIVERPOOLtech-21
Tech 21 SansAmp Classictech-21
Tech 21 SansAmp GT 2tech-21
Tech 21 SansAmp TRI ACtech-21
Tech 21 SansAmp_TRI ODtech-21
Tech 21 XXLtech-21
Teese RMC4other
Telenordia Tortenmannother
Tesla Graphic Eqother
Textone Fuzz Nutzother
The Tone God Ruby Tubyother
Thomas Reußenzehn Tube Stompboxother
Throbak Overdrive Boostother
Tim Escobedo Bazz fusstim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Boostoramatim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Bronxcheertim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Calaveratim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Cinnabartim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Cmos boosttim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Cmos drivetim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Doftim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Duendetim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Duende jfettim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo FET drivertim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Gaintim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Garglertim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Gargletrontim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Ghost dancetim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo HJtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Idiot wahtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Jawaritim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Jinxtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Kechi wahtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Lofo mofotim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Mosfetfacetim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Octuptim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Octup blendtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Opamp fuzztim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Photonfiltertim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Phuncgnosistim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Poweramptim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Psychtartim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Punch in the facetim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo PWMtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Ramblertim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Rambler plustim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Simple VCFtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo SKtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Smokey clonetim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Stupidity boxtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo SWSHtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Syrupptim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Thingtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Trippletim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Tytewaddtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Uglyfacetim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Utility boosttim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim Escobedo Wobbletrontim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Tim EscobedoPush me pull youtim-escobedo-circuit-snippets
Toadworks Mr Squishyother
Tokai TCO 1 Compressortokai
Tokai TMD 1 Metal Drivertokai
Tone Factor Ultra lord Fuzzother
ToneCzar Doveother
ToneCzar Openhausother
Top Gear Fuzz Sustainother
Top Gear Guitar Synthesiserother
Top Gear Sound Rotatorother
TopTone Light Driveother
Trace Elliot SMX Dual Compressortrace-elliot
Tube Works RT 903 Blue Tube Pedaltube-works
Tycobrahe Analog Delaytycobrahe
Tycobrahe Octaviatycobrahe
Tycobrahe Parapedaltycobrahe
Tycobrahe Pedalflangertycobrahe
UMI Buzztone and Volume Expanderother
Union Tube & Transistor Bumble Buzzother
Univox CO 105 Uni compunivox
Univox EC 100 Echo Chamberunivox
Univox EC 80 Echo Chamberunivox
Univox EM 200 Echo Techunivox
Univox PHZ 1 Phazerunivox
Univox PHZ 2 Micro Fazerunivox
Univox SQ 150 Square waveunivox
Univox U 1093 Super fuzzunivox
Univox U 250 Uni fuzzunivox
Univox U 915 Uni vibeunivox
Univox UD 50 Uni driveunivox
Univox UEQ 375 Impersonatorunivox
Univox UW 2 Uni Wahunivox
Vemuram Jan Rayother
VFE Alpha Dogvfe-pedals
VFE Blueprintvfe-pedals
VFE Blues Kingvfe-pedals
VFE Choral Reefvfe-pedals
VFE Darkhorsevfe-pedals
VFE Dragon Houndvfe-pedals
VFE Fiery Red Horsevfe-pedals
VFE Focusvfe-pedals
VFE Fuzz Duovfe-pedals
VFE Ice Screamvfe-pedals
VFE Mermanvfe-pedals
VFE Mobius Stripvfe-pedals
VFE Old Schoolvfe-pedals
VFE Pale Horsevfe-pedals
VFE Springboardvfe-pedals
VFE The Screamvfe-pedals
VFE The Tripletvfe-pedals
VFE Tractor Beamvfe-pedals
VFE Triumviratevfe-pedals
VFE White Horsevfe-pedals
Vick Audio Tree Of Liveother
Visual Sound Angry Fuzzvisual-sound
Visual Sound Jekyll & Hydevisual-sound
Visual Sound Pure tone buffervisual-sound
Visual Sound Route 808visual-sound
Voodoo Lab Micro Vibevoodoo-labs
Voodoo Lab Overdrivevoodoo-labs
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drivevoodoo-labs
Voodoo Lab Super Fuzzvoodoo-labs
Voodoo Lab Tremolovoodoo-labs
Vox CT 01 Bulldog Distortionvox
Vox CT 03 Brit Boostvox
Vox Echo mk2vox
Vox OctaVoice Ivox
Vox Reverberation Unitvox
Vox Satchuratorvox
Vox V1141 Superbeatle Distortionvox
Vox V1141 Superbeatle Distortion germaniumvox
Vox V1900 Phaservox
Vox V1901 Distortionvox
Vox V1902 Flangervox
Vox V1903 Compressorvox
Vox V1904 Wahvox
Vox V1905 Chorusvox
Vox V806 V810 B816 Boostersvox
Vox V809 Repeat Percussionvox
Vox V810 Valve Tonevox
Vox V8162 Distortion Boostervox
Vox V828 ToneBendervox
Vox V846 HW Handwired Wahvox
Vox V846 Wah Wah 1967vox
Vox V847 Wah Wah 1980vox
Vox V847 Wah Wah 1993vox
Vox V848 Clyde Mccoy Wahvox
Vox V941 Valve Effects Loopvox
Vox Wahvox
Vox Wah Swellvox
Vox Wah Wah JMI Greyvox
Wabash Bass Boosterother
Walco Chord and Note Sustainerother
Walco Fuzz Tone Generatorother
Walrus Mayflowerother
Wampler Black ’65wampler
Wampler Crancked ACwampler
Wampler Ecstasywampler
Wampler Euphoriawampler
Wampler Faux Analog Echowampler
Wampler Faux Spring Reverbwampler
Wampler Hotwiredwampler
Wampler Paisley Drivewampler
Wampler Pantheonwampler
Wampler Pinnaclewampler
Wampler Pinnacle IIwampler
Wampler Plexi drivewampler
Wampler Plextortionwampler
Wampler SLOstortionwampler
Wampler Sovereignwampler
Wampler Thirty Somethingwampler
Wampler Triple Wreckwampler
Wampler Tweed ’57wampler
Wampler Velvet Fuzzwampler
Watkins Copycat Echowatkins-electric-music
Wattson EFY 6 Fuzzother
Wattson FY2 fuzzother
Way Huge Acqua Pussway-huge
Way Huge Fat Sandwichway-huge
Way Huge Green Rhino 2way-huge
Way Huge Havalinaway-huge
Way Huge Piercing Mooseway-huge
Way Huge Pork Loinway-huge
Way Huge Purple Platypusway-huge
Way Huge Red Llamaway-huge
Way Huge Saffron Squeezeway-huge
Way Huge Tone Leperway-huge
WEM Pepbox GEwatkins-electric-music
WEM Pepbox SIwatkins-electric-music
WEM Project Vwatkins-electric-music
Westbury The Tube Overdriveother
Wilsic Sound Vibrato Unitother
Wizard Custom Shop AB Loopother
Wraa Labs Bitshufflerwraa-labs
Wraa Labs Divider Tremolowraa-labs
Wraa Labs 4×4 Matrix Mixerwraa-labs
Wraa Labs Episodes Teensy Based Multi Fxwraa-labs
Wraa Labs Ghostcode IIwraa-labs
Wraa Labs Glitchwave567wraa-labs
Wraa Labs Inkcapwraa-labs
Wraa Labs ISD Fuzz Jammerwraa-labs
Wraa Labs Katzenjammerwraa-labs
Wraa Labs Lofi Looperwraa-labs
Wraa Labs Mini Rippleswraa-labs
Wraa Labs PT2399 Glitch Delaywraa-labs
Wraa Labs PT2399 White Noise Generatorwraa-labs
Wraa Labs RetroFlectwraa-labs
Wraa Labs Sicknotewraa-labs
Wren & Cuff Phat Phukother
Xotic Ac boosterxotic
Xotic Bass RC Boosterxotic
Xotic BB Plusxotic
Xotic BB Preampxotic
Xotic EP Boosterxotic
Xotic RC Boosterxotic
Xotic Soul Drivenxotic
Yack YF 2 Fuzz Boxother
Yamaha AMD 100 American Monster Driveyamaha
Yamaha BD 100 Beat Driveyamaha
Yamaha CH 10M Chorusyamaha
Yamaha DG Stompyamaha
Yamaha DI 01 Distortionyamaha
Yamaha E1010 Analog Delayyamaha
Yamaha FX 500 Guitar effects Processoryamaha
Yamaha MBD 100 Multi Band Distortionyamaha
Yamaha NE 1 Nathan East Parametric EQyamaha
Yamaha OD 01 Overdriveyamaha
Yamaha R 100 Digital Reverbyamaha
Yamaha SHD 100 Super Hard Distortionyamaha
Yerasov 3000 Volt Modern Overdriveyerasov
Yerasov 5000 Volt Modern Distortionyerasov
Yerasov 7000 Volt Modern Higain Distortionyerasov
Yerasov 9000 Volt Modern OverdriveDistortionyerasov
Yerasov AD 2 Adrenalinyerasov
Yerasov CW 2 Control Pedal Wahyerasov
Yerasov Gamma CE 3 Chorusyerasov
Yerasov Gamma CS 2 Compression Sustaineryerasov
Yerasov Gamma GR 1 Grungeyerasov
Yerasov Gamma GT 2 Tube Amplifier Emulatoryerasov
Yerasov Gamma HM 3 Heavy Metalyerasov
Yerasov PD 5 Ptero Driveryerasov
Yerasov TM 1 Tube Monsteryerasov
Zenta Exciterother
Zeus Audio Systems Model 8444 Preampother
Zoom PD 01 Power Drivezoom
Zoom TM 01 Tri metalzoom
Zoom UF 01 Ultra Fuzzzoom
Zvex Box of Metalzvex
Zvex Distortronzvex
Zvex Fuzz Factoryzvex
Zvex Fuzzolozvex
Zvex jonny Octavezvex
Zvex Machinezvex
Zvex Mastotronzvex
Zvex Octanezvex
Zvex Octane 2zvex
Zvex Seek Tremolozvex
Zvex Seek Wahzvex
Zvex Super Duperzvex
Zvex Super Hard Onzvex
Zvex Woolly Mammothzvex
Zvex Box Of Rockzvex